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    Happy 18th Harry Edward Styles! ♥

    By eyreenzxc · January 31, 2012

    oh hai harry, harreh, harold, hazza. <3


    like finally you're eighteen!! EIGHTEEN. legal age alrdy haha :B

    i'm crying tears of joy :') so proud of you harrehhhhhhhhhh! <3

    OMG HARRY STYLES LOOKED AT ME OMGOMGOMG k stopit don't perasan eh nurin


    oh god. hazza you're killing me with your funny faces ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    omg *faints* <3 <3

    but anyway......................

    I LOVE YOU HARRY! <3 muah :-*

    again, happy 18th birthday! have a great day ahead with your four boys ^^ I LOVE YOU <3 <3


    xx nurin <3

    I Should Have Kissed You

    By eyreenzxc · January 28, 2012

    keep on replaying this song, even though it isn't the full version.


    She just wants to be the “One” for “You”

    By eyreenzxc · January 20, 2012

    Thing is, you don’t realize how much you mean to her. As much as she wants to talk to you, she’s waiting for you to put in the effort to show her that you care about her and that she truly does mean something to you, you know? She wants to be the one to make you smile, she wants to be the one that you confide in when you feel like falling apart, she wants to be the one that picks you up when you feel like you have no reason left to stand, she wants to be the the one that shows you that what she feels is something “Real”. She’s willing to do anything and everything just to be yours and to show she care about you, but she wants to know that you’re willing to do the same for her, that she is someone important to you, that no matter how bad things get you won’t walk away and that you will try to show her that she is worth fighting for to you. She trusts you enough to let her walls down and open up her heart to you, even with the chance she might get hurt, but she doesn’t care because you’re simply worth it to her.

    - tumblr.

    Nomadic Race; Awesomest EVER!

    By eyreenzxc · January 15, 2012

    on the 12th, Thursday, we went to school for camp. well, not actually at school, but we assembled there. to be honest i was quite reluctant about going to the camp but at the same time i was also quite excited. i love camps. however, at first, i thought that the camp wouldn't be as fun due to lack of bonding in the class. but still, i know one of the ojectives of this camp was for us to bond as a class.

    so the pics above was all taken in school, before we went off to tanjung sutera and before the camp had officially started. well, like i said, i had mixed feelings about the camp. but i guess i wasn't the only one right? no i don't think so cos i head like millions f people complaining -______- even though i had mixed feelings about the camp, i didn't really think that it woould be that bad. i mean, camp is for us to have fun and relax. well not relax as in like literally, but relax as in...... it's a school programme, but it sn't in school? like, relax as in, no studies, that kind of thing. haha.

    then we were introduced to our coaches -- jansen, kimberley and hayley. my first impression of them wasn't that bad. they seemed nice and friendly so we had no problems with them ^^

    so yeah after that we went to the bus, off to tanjung sutera resort. it's at malaysia btw. hehe :>

    eh nice anot? i know a bit retarded la but who cares cos camp was fun \m/

    meh, winnie, thayi <3

    oh hai that is kimberley and jansen. 2/3 of our coaches (: i know the pic unglam la but who cares cos camp was fun :B

    after than cleared the immigration stuff and had to transfer to another bus -,- very troublesome ok my bag damn heavy as if it was filled with rocks like that. k i know i'm like exaggerating but who cares cos camp was fun HAHA

    hallu this was taken i the other bus hoho ok.

    it was a 2 hour journey in the bus. damn long right i know. so i slept. and when i stood up my but was aching HAHA due to sitting too long -.- but who cares cos camp was fun NYEHEH

    after two lng hours of sleeping and butt-aching, we finally reached our destination -- TANJUNG SUTERA RESORT.

    when we first reached there. haha took a random shot with zul but cannot see his face can see teeth and nose only HAHA serves you right nyeheh but actually it's my fault la for being a lousy camerawoman *BOOOOOOO*

    so after that we were briefed and had lunch.......... the food was erm.. well i won't say good but i won't say bad either. prolly average. but who cares cos camp was fun HEHE. after eating and all, we played games. who doesn't enjoy games right? so the excitement of the camp had just started.

    the pictures above was when we were planning our strategy for the river-crossing game. so we decided who will b ethe 'boats' and who will be the humans haha. i was the human so i din't have to piggyback anybody hek hek :B the people who had to piggyback thers seemed tired......... but who cares cos camp was fun :} we took only 3 mins plus to get everybody to the other side ok! it was considered fast.... i guess haha.

    then.... it was time to get DIRTY! if you are thinking of something else means you have a dirty mind. hehe. and when i mean dirty i meant getting ourselves covered in mud and grass haha. the game that got us dirty was the caterpillar game. so basically what we had to do was lock our legs on another persons waist until if forms a 'caterpillar' and we had to use our hands to move forward. we had a competition between boys and girls and girls won! HEHE. but boys don't be sad cos camp was fun! :D

    then we played the giant skipping rope game. but sadly there are no photos on this game. like a sad T.T but yeah it was fun, there were a few failures at time but who cares cos failures are just learning experiences (chey) and who cares cos camp was fun fun fun *__*

    after that we played the jenga game thinggy. had to build a tower as fast as possible and we did it! we did it, we did it, we did it, yeah!

    after that we proceeded to take our shower. and it was rushing. we were allowed only like 5 mins to take our shower. i taking shower they rush us then i stress. lol no la kidding. not stress, but i was rushing also la. but who cares cos camp was fun teehee. after all that, we went to pitch our tents. pitching tents wasn't as difficult as i thought it would be. then we had our dinner.

    after dinner. and look at the light! so pretty <3

    204'11 reunion! <3 haha. well, only like half of the class is in the photo, so yea.

    after that, we had this tetra mad exercise. we had to fill in like a survey and then we'll consolidate all our points and find out which element are we -- earth, air, water or fire. obvious enough i'm water. emotional and fragile mah, tiny tiny microscopic things also will cry. LOL. k i'm exaggeating again but who cares cos camp was fun :> then we had to do some questions in our own elements. so i was with all the water people. at times, there will be coaches coming to us and talking to us. and everything they say is absolutely relevant. like... when we were doing our questions, i was the one writing down the answers, and before i pen it down, i will tend to ask everybody if they agree with the answer. a few minutes later fadzly came and talked to us. he said that normally it is always the water people who finishes last. why? because they tend to care about other people's feelings and opinions, and therefore will be asking all the group members if the answer's alright with them. sounds like deja vu? yea i think so. it was cool, but somehow creepy at the same time. one benefit that this tetra mapping has done to me is that it had made me reflect on myself more, and also discovered things about myself that i didn't even know.

    then we headed back to our tents to call it a day. tent mates were winnie, katayoun, haesu, thayi and larissa. couldn't sleep cos we kept on giggling and it was damn hot. like seriously. and it was damn stuffy in the tent. so we unzipped it to get some fresh air. then suddenly one of my enemies came -- blocked nose. the bloody blocked nose that i get every single night. and it's damn irritating pls. so katayoun and thayi went out cos they wanted to take some stuff so i asked them to take my vaporub for me hehe :B then finally after awhile i fell aseep.

    next day, woke up and it was like damn cold! it was freezing like literally. we weren't supposed to shower but i will feel icky and insecure if i don't so the trainer allowed me to. water was freezing cold, it felt as if you are taking a bath in ice water.

    after showering and everything, we had our breakfast and then prepared for our hike. and btw this part will be more wordy as we didn't bring our cameras to the hike so yea, just bear with it.

    how long is the hike? 10 kilometres. at first when i just found out that there would be a 10 km hike, i literaly died inside. being the person i am with no stamina, i really thought that i couldn't make it through the hike. so yes, in the beginning, i started out the hike half-heartedly. it was really tiring. just five minutes into the hike i was already complaining. but i know i had to endure. i was really tired but who cares cos camp was fun HAHAHA okcan. then we walked through the forest and all. at one point we had to cross a river and i almost fell but thank god i didn't. after crossing the river, the challenge started. we had to climb a slope. i was damn scared and nervous. when it was my turn my heart was beating like thunder. my first few steps then damn slippery already and i was scared i would fall down. one part i almost slipped and i screamed. haha pathetic i know but who cares cos camp was fun >< then yay i managed to climb to the top! hehe.

    ok so this was us after climbing up the slope hehe. my face cannot maintain i know but who cares cos camp was fun :D

    hehe k  then we walked somemore and then it was time for us to go down the slope *jeng jeng jeng* i swear i very scared, even more scared than climbing up. we waited for quite awhile but when it got to my turn, i almost died. lol no la kidding. i was only scared that i would fall down and die :O going down, it was damn slippery and i kept on sliding LIKE A BOSS HAHA. ok. and whenever i slided i would scream. i'm crazy i know but wh cares cos camp was FUN! but anyway, going down the slope wasn't as bad and scary as i expected it to be, and i succeeded so YAY ME! *claps*

    then after going down the slope, we rested on a beach. the beach isn't the typical sandy beach, but this one is a rocky beach haha. and another thing is, it was filled with so many beautiful seashells. unfortunately i didn't bring any home cos i was lazy so blame it all on my laziness but anyway who cares cos camp was fun ^~^ hehe.

    after resting for awhile, we walked back to the resort. while walking back zahirah and i joked a lot ang had a great laugh. i especially could not forget this (below)

    ok you people might find it lame but the reason why i laughed so hard was because frst, we didn't know jerrald was there. and then suddenly we heard him say "mulut siapa?" we turned and laughed cos we didn't expect that he would understand what we were talking about. hehe this had taught me a lesson to never underestimate somebody haha.

    final verdict for the hike is that yes, it was very tiring and we pespired a lot. however, it was all worth it as we all had fun. also, through the hike, our class had become more bonded. we kept on cheering one another when we were climbing up/down the slopes.

    when we got back to the resort, a few minutes later, kids from s.k. gembut came for our service learning. what we had to do was to organise games for them. i could say that the games were successful. and the children were especially excited when we were giving them sweets.

    class photo with the kids from s.k gembut ^^ cute right?!

    haha but anyway, after all the games had ended, we went back to the mph to do a debrief for the kids.

    that boy in the middle was shuffling, and he's really good at it! better than me also hehe

    and this girl was singing never say never. her voice damn cute can! hehe

    after that when it all ended, all of them left with a smile on their faces. even though i didn't do much, i could feel that i accomplished something and i was indeed proud of myself hehe *bhb moment* ok sorry but seriously i rarely feel proud of myself ok! only on rare occasions.

    when the kids left, we had like less than half an hour to prepare what we wanted to do for our performance night. i am proud to say that i gave a few ideas hehe ><

    then we had our shower and dinner etc, and it was finally time for our PERFORMANCE NIGHT.

    one by one, classes performed. we were the fifth class to perform.

    this was us getting ready haha. i know we all look retarded but who cares cos camp was fun (Y)

    first we sang spongebob's campfire song song. hehe. followed by what makes you beautiful. however, we changed the lyrics.

    coaches you light up our world like nobody else, the way that you scream at us gets us overwhelmed but when you smile everyday it ain't hard to tell you don't know, you don't know you're beautiful. if only you saw what we can see, yo'll understand why we love you so desperately. right now we're singing to you and we can't believe you don't know, you don;t know you're beautiful <3

    haha sweet right? nyeheh. and after that glad you came by the wanted was played and we all danced randomly and jumped here and there and everywhere hehe.

    after the whole performance night, we had a debrief. our coaches and teachers spoke to us all. i really felt like crying, especially at jansen's speech, as i thought it really did make a lot of sense. but idk why that night my tears very stubborn don't wanna come out haha.

    after the debrief, we went to the mph to sleep. well, now, it was the girls' turn to sleep in the mph and the boys in the tents. within 5 mins, i have already knocked out. haha see how sleepy i was compared to the previous night? haha ok.

    next morning, woke up and showered in the freezing water for the very last time *emo moment* haha. then we had nasi lemak for breakfast. ate ate ate and after we were done, we had to unpitch the tents. when we were going to the field i slipped and fell. damn embarrassing can! lucky at that point of time not many people were there yet. heheh. unpitching the tents was waaaaaaaaaaay more easier compared to pitching the tents. after doing so, we had another briefing and did some cheers.

    then we went with our fellow coaches for our camp graduation ceremony. then it was my turn, miss chee said that she was surprised when i stepped up to lead the class in the performance. hoho. and also she said that i am like a chick hatching from an egg............... er. ok. haha.

    304 class photo! <3

    with the coaches <3

    then we had lunch. our last lunch at tanjung sutera. i ate quickly so we had time to take more photos with the coaches.

    with jansen. haha his smile very cute :B

    hayley and i. i like this pic a lot <3

    us with hayley <3

    us and kimberley! <3

    then we had our final debrief in th mph. one of the trainer, clarence (if i'm not mistaken) told us his personal life story. many students went out and said a few words of thanks to their friends, coaches and teachers. it was sad, and touching that it made me tear. then all the teachers and coaches did the same too. after everything was done, we all stood up to sing our school song. for once, i heard everybody singing, unlike during assembly hehe :> everybody was very energetic while singing. after the school song, we sang reach, which is our batch song. we all put arms around one another and started swaying and singing. it was a moment i could never forget. it was as if the whole sec 3 cohort was bonding together. after everything was done, we waited for our turn to take our bags. while waiting, what do we do? CAMWHORE LA! haha.


    suriane <3

    joel ^^

    haha we also took photos with jerrald, one of the trainers :B

    haha i think jerrald very cute lea :B ok shhhhhhhhh :>

    last photo of the day with natasha and liyana <3 <3

    then we went back to school. slept in the bus haha. when we reached school we collected our valuables. as i was almost leaving the school, i walked back to say goodbye to our coaches. hugged kimberley <3 sadly hayley wasn't there ):

    overall, i think that the camp was a very good experience for me. it made me overcome my fears, for example climbing up and down the slopes. also, this camp has made 304 more bonded, and not scattered like before. i've got to know a few of my classmates more, and also got closer to them. the 3 days 2 nights i spent at tanjung sutera will be unforgettable. the coaches too. they have guided us and thought us many life lessons and values. i will do my very best to apply what i've learnt in this camp to my daily life. really, this i a very memorable experience and i'm very happy that i am a part of this class. i will miss all the coaches and thanks for all the support. love you guys <3

    xx eyreen


    By eyreenzxc · January 6, 2012

    "It is because we're girls.We get mad over the smallest reasons. We overanalyze everything. We feel a sense of jealousy when we see you talking to someone who has more to offer. We get sad at the thought of ever losing you. We start pointless arguments and fights, just to see if you care enough to stick around. We often say things we later regret. We want to know you care as much as we do. It’s because we’re girls, and we need to be reassured from time to time."


    By eyreenzxc · January 1, 2012

    to think i actually cut myself


    By eyreenzxc · December 30, 2011

    now that you've got yourself a new friend, you've forgtten all about me? okay, not say forgotten, but it's like, you don't even care. when i call you, you playing games all, and you sound as if you're annoyed. when he calls you, you can talk to him for OVER AN HOUR? what kind of fuckery is this? and you with your new ps3, you don't seem to care about me anymore. when i come to your house, all i do is see you play. and when i'm at home and i call you, you play your ps3. will you ever have time for me? and the other day when i just reached your house, you never even uttered a single word. i had to wait 10 minutes in your room doing absolutely NOTHING while waiting for you to finish your stupid games. new entertainment, new friend. i guess you don't really need me anymore, right? just fucking go and do some soul searching



    By eyreenzxc · December 29, 2011

    WASSUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUP. i know it's been quite a while since i put up an actual post, cos most of my posts are copy and pasted from Tumblr :P hehe. so yea. idk what i wanna blog about also.. let's just say many people don't understand me. but it's not their fault. i've been keeping my depression to myself. but yea i'm just afraid that they'll think it's ridiculous or something. and i still intend to keep it from them, even though they're my best friends. i know me writing in this blog won't keep it as a secret anymore.. but i doubt any of them knows that i blog and there aren't much readers who read my blog as well. so yea. but if anybody finds out.... then idk la. good la that they know what's going on with me. but other than that, i shall go around with a big bright smile and pretend there's nothing wrong with my life and that i'm enjoying it (:

    till here. eyreen .x

    sex sex sex

    By eyreenzxc · December 29, 2011

    There is a chemical in a girls’ brain is released only two different times in her life, when she has sex, and when she breast feeds her baby. This chemical emotionally connects her to another person for the rest of her life. Us guys? We only release this chemical when we bond with our children. So if you think sex is a game and go around fucking as many girls as you want, remember that you can mentally mess this girl up for the rest of her life. If you’re still friends afterwards then whatever, but she will always feel some sort of feeling for you, just because of the chemical.
    It’s called Oxytocin, it’s actually released when a woman gives birth as well. But this is so true… sex is more than just a game, and this is a clear reason that explains why humans were only created to have sex with just one person. Doing it with multiple people will have a very strong negative effect on your relationship with the person you want to be with for the rest of your life. I wish more kids knew about this… not that this should be your only motive not to have sex before marriage, but it is one of the most important.


    i was bored so i did this

    By eyreenzxc · December 29, 2011
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